What Did I Learn This Year?

This school year is almost coming to an end. To me, it’s really important to review what happened in order to expand my personal knowledge, and to grow in general.

Leaving high school I thought a lot of things would change, but I can’t say that college is that different. I didn’t move and I’m still living with my mother. I would say the only difference is that I’m not taking math anymore.

On a more serious note, this year taught me to be a lot more confident. Speaking in public as much as we do at ISEG is bound to help us grow our self-confidence. It is an undeniable asset to have, especially in the Marketing and Communication field, but also in everyday life.

I am also in the international program, which not only helped improve my English, but also to be more open-minded and discover other cultures. Getting to know people from other countries makes you realize that not everyone thinks the same, as it depends on where you came from and what you went through in your life. I knew it in theory of course, but to live it, it’s another experience. It made me more tolerant towards other people.

Fundamentally, I’m coming more and more into adulthood, which is the point of college.

Ludivine Lombardi.pngWritten by Ludivine L.
20 years old. Proud communicator and devoted student (sometimes). Amateur blogger. Unapologetic pop culture expert. TV fanatic and music advocate. Reader. Evil analyst of many talents. I prefer my puns intended and I cannot live without coffee. Word of the wise: the secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.


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