The Recipe to be Motivated to Study


You are not alone to have real listless moments when studying, but I have the solution for you. Follow my recipe in order to be a very productive student:

  1. You need a dose of chocolate because we know it lifts ours spirits.
  2. Prepare yourself a cold or hot drink.
  3. On a sheet of paper, write a to-do list with all the goals that you want to achieve, but not too exhaustive as to not be disappointed in the end.
  4. You can search for famous people, movies, books, biographies… some inspiration that will motivate you.
  5. You must have a positive approach to your work.
  6. Find a space where you could work quietly: a small cocoon.
  7. If you are bored by certain work you can change the subject.
  8. Don’t forget to take a break every 20 minutes — just the time to have a Kit-Kat!
  9. Think about the results of this work!

Now, you are ready to work intensely!

My last piece of advice is to work outside if the weather permits. In addition, the good vibes of the sun will give you a touch of motivation!

Pauline Goncalo.pngWritten by Pauline G.
Student, dream chaser, and number one in my mother’s heart. People say that I’m discreet, but I don’t need much to show what I’m made of and show my real personality. They call me surprising.


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