Learning to Adapt

I’ve always defined life as a long corridor that is filled with a humongous number of doors. Each door represents an experience that you’ll live and witness. Some doors might even lead to someone else’s experience, but you’ll live it too because it will serve you one day.

But when does a door open? I’ve never known the answer to this question, however it’s definite that it’s only a matter of time.

And what about the key to all these doors? A single key can open all the doors at once and that key is adaptation. And, that is the first thing I’ve learned in my first year at ISEG. How to adapt and how to accept certain circumstances, or all circumstances for that matter, was my number one accomplished lesson. Change lies beneath human nature, therefore I needed to adapt to every situation I witnessed and made the best of it. I always seek to improve myself, to reach the best ‘future me’. The only way to do that was to go with the flow, to overcome every single obstacle I face.

Furthermore, time was my guardian who has always urged me to use him very wisely and not waste him because life is too short. It is never enough, you’ll always have room for more knowledge, for more experience, for more people, for more of everything. The less you absorb from life’s knowledge, the faster time will torture you. We’re running out of time, but we don’t want to admit it.

The things I’ve learned from coming here to Lyon and to ISEG are endless, but I’ll write about the one last thing that I’ve learned within this year. Home. Locate your home, locate it. You’ll need it sooner or later. The more you move and travel, the more the word ‘home’ will be meaningless; unless you protect it and keep it under your sight. Then and only then, whenever you’ll feel lost and in pandemonium the fact that home still exists, it will always serve you as your compass.

I still haven’t walked you through half the way through my corridor.

And what about you?  Have you found the key to your doors yet?

magd-husseinWritten by Magd H.
I’m an Egyptian student in France, and no, I don’t look like pharaohs, and I don’t live inside the pyramids. I’m an explorer of life and the human brain. I’ve never understood why people have always associated the word “love” to a heart, which is weird because it’s the brain who “feels” the love. Here’s a useless fact, but one that will amaze you: an octopus has three hearts.


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