Who Said the French Love Cheese?

cheese - Laetitia

As a French person, I know it’s really strange, but I hate cheese. It is even more weird when France is known for having one some of the best cheese in the world. Cheese is the only thing with which I can say firmly “I never liked it and I never will.” I hate everything about it. The color, the texture, the smell, the taste, all of this disgusts me. The only thing that I like about it is when it’s melted in French dishes like tartiflette or raclette. Mmm, I admit it, these two are so good!

Since my childhood, when my family eats cheese at the end of the meal I ask them to take the cheese and take it away from the table as fast as possible. I can’t stand the smell of cheese when I’m eating. Fortunately, it is not really a problem for my family because it makes them laugh and they always joke around about it. Each dinner, they always say “Who wants some cheese?” and then they look at me saying “Do you want cheese?” sarcastically because they know for sure the answer. For now, I never had a nightmare about cheese (thank god!) but passing by the cheese section will always be the worst part in the supermarket.

Written by Laetitia S.

To define myself quickly, I’m an 18-year-old French girl who’s passionate about dancing and traveling.


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