Top 10 Things We Hate In Life

  1. When the lipstick breaks.

    lipstick - tout comment
    source: tout comment
  2. When your little toe seems to be made to bump into everything.

    toe - Youtube
    source: YouTube
  3. When a Smart car takes a whole parking space.

    Smart -
  4. When the toilet roll isn’t thrown into the trash can.

    toilet paper -
  5. When your earphones get tangled.

    earphones - gentside decouverte
    source: Gentside Decouverte
  6. When easy opening packages are not easy to open.

    package -
  7. When people take up two places on the bus.

    bus -
  8. When you turn on the shower and it’s freezing.

    shower - tout pratique
    source: Tout Pratique
  9. When the cookie is too big for your glass of milk.

    cookie -
  10. When the spoon falls into your soup.

    soup -

Camille Fromonot.png

Written by Camille F.
I’m a student at ISEG Marketing and Communication School in the international program in Lyon. I’m someone who loves to travel. I also like to take pictures where ever I go and cook.


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