The day where everything could have come to an end

I don’t usually like to talk about myself and my life, because I don’t think that it’s interesting enough for anyone to know stuff like this, but today I would like to tell you about one particular day so you can hopefully learn from my mistakes.

So let’s get started.

As any young freshly graduated student during the summer, the only thing you want to do is go to the beach with your friends. Having fun, that’s what we want to have during the summer, right? Well, last summer it could have been no fun for me, my friends, and our families.

The best way to go to the beach for us was to go by car. We usually would take turns during the week to drive to the beach because we didn’t have our own cars yet, so we would have to borrow our parent’s car for the day. But, that week my parents were not home and let me take the car. And as you may know, usually it’s not really a good idea to leave a house and a car to a teenager, but hey, it’s all about trust, right?

You may be already imagining what’s coming next. Let’s get straight to it, yes, I had an accident, no I wasn’t drunk. Here is where I want everyone to focus on the rest of the story.

What basically happened is that I drove while I was tired from the afternoon. THAT’S A DON’T. But I thought it would be fine since it’s a road that’s not really busy and that I’m used to taking regularly. I wasn’t focusing enough on the road and was sometimes watching what was happening by the window. THAT’S A DON’T. And please don’t lie, when we are young we usually don’t respect the limitations, especially on roads we know well. THAT’S A DON’T.
So let’s enumerate all of the don’ts I did: driving tired, not focusing on the road, and driving slightly faster than I should.

This led me to losing control of my car and crashing into a barricade, nearly doing roll overs in the process, having windows opened.

Not to mention that I didn’t check if my friend on the passenger’s side had his seatbelt on. Who for some reason actually didn’t have it on.

And to top everything, somehow the airbags didn’t activate during the crash. This means that If we did roll overs, or that if I was driving even faster than I was we wouldn’t have survived. Well, obviously not my friend on the passenger side. That would have all been my fault just because of some stupid teenager making some bad decisions.

The feeling I had at that moment was that in less than an hour I could have killed 4 of us. That’s a feeling that will never go away.

The point I want to make here, is that you should never drive in those conditions, and never get in a car if you know that the driver is not at his best. I hear or see too many people on social media bragging about how fun it was being in a car with your friend driving drunk or stuff. I just want you all to know that you won’t find it funny the day where you’ll get into an accident.

Long story short, this was my worst and scariest day ever. I still feel atrociously dumb and bad for what happened this day.

Written by Mathieu T.


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