How To Do Nothing On Sunday

First things first, you may have spent the most relaxing night of your life to  begin your “nothing to do day.” To slowly embrace this new day you have to stay in bed, which can only mean — breakfast in bed!!

Breakfast in Bed - Marine

For me, you should began begin your day with something healthy, and maybe use this time to see what’s happening in the world or just to read a book and relax.

Then, devote the rest of your morning to calm activities such as reading, or surfing on the internet to find some new clothing items for this summer. I will actually allow you to check your email, but you have to stay in BED, enjoy your day off!!

Around lunch time, doesn’t matter the hour it will be when your stomach will ask you, order something you’ve been wanting to eat for a long time, but that you haven’t had time to prepare because of your busy schedule! Personally, I order food porn on this fabulous day!

Here are some ideas:

Now you will have to digest this succulent meal, so you actually have 3 options: reading, watching your favorite TV show or taking a nap for as long as you want.

During the afternoon, if you have enough courage, try to cook your 4pm snack (otherwise known as goûter here in France) and go back to bed to savour it.

For the second part of your afternoon, I recommend you keep doing calm activities such as reading your book or even just listening to some good songs. I know it represents an expensive budget, but even listening to old or new vinyl is so appreciable. The sound is just amazing and you enjoy the music in a different way!

Music - Marine

Once you know what you are going to eat for dinner you just have to take some time to cook it or order it later. After that, enjoy a hot bath with some relaxing music playing in the background. I promise you will feel totally revitalized after that.

To conclude your day, enjoy a light dinner in your favorite place of the day — in your bed. I always like to finish my day on a healthy note because you will feel feathery and it assures you a good night of sleep.

How do you enjoy your Sundays?

Written by Marine M.

I’m an 18 year-old communication and marketing student who is in love with music, art, food and good times with my friends.


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