What I’m Not Passionate About

I remember back when I was young, I was just thinking about nothing but playing all day long. All of my friends had “extra scholar” activities that they were passionate about like football or basketball. I didn’t understand that but I wanted to be like as others and I started dancing in a class. Classes were very intense, girls were too serious and there were too many rules. With Antoine, my brother, we spent all the hours playing and doing things which made our teacher really mad, but we had so much fun, and I will never forget it. Dance was not for us, but it was good memories and nowadays we laugh about it.
So, you have probably understood that dance has not become my “passion.”
Music was also something that I tried. I used to play piano for 1 year, I loved it but I didn’t find time year after year to keep doing it. Maybe I regret it today.

There is only one thing I am passionate about, this thing that makes me feel really good and alive. I always been passionate about traveling. When I was young I was lucky to have many opportunities to travel. During the holidays we used to go to Greece with my father. We had family there and we spent every day discovering the country. I loved learning about new cultures and new languages.

When I turned 10, my grandfather took me to the USA. It was a beautiful trip, I loved the American way of life. People are really friendly and understanding.

My favorite trip was in 2014 with four of my best friends. We went to New York City for six days. It was just amazing. Just imagine traveling with the people you love the most in the best country you have always dreamt to visit. I couldn’t realize I was there.

In a few months, I take off to go to California. From May 13 to August 1, I will accomplish my internship in a magazine. My mother’s friend welcomes me during this trip. I look forward to go there and began to work as an intern. I can’t wait to begin this new experiment.

I know that I am lucky to be able to travel, that’s why I want to enjoy it as much I can.
My biggest dream is to make a world tour, and see the seven wonders of the world.

candice-garciaWritten by Candice G.
I am 18 years old. I used to live in Vienne near Lyon before beginning my studies. After getting my BAC L, I began studies at ISEG Marketing & Communication School Lyon and now I live in Lyon. I am a dynamic girl who loves going out with friends. I like meeting people and I think Lyon is a good city for doing this.


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