(Sneak)ers away together

As a marketing and communications student, public speaking and talking to strangers is not something that I am afraid of. But, when it comes to talking about myself, who I am and what I like, things get difficult. But, guess what? I’m sure we have a common point: fashion. This is something everyone is pretty much interested in, from hats, to ties, to jewelry, to shoes, even to bio-brands or luxurious ones.

My favorite part about fashion, is shoes. Especially runners, which are normally called “sneakers.”

From Nike to Adidas, Reebok to New Balance, or other new brands that are showing up. What I do like in them are all the many possibilities, the shape they have and mostly: the comfort. I totally agree that they may not be liked by everyone, but the point is that it is not my business, if I like it, that’s what matters.

What is important in being passionate about something: you do not care if the other’s opinions are mean, since your consideration will always have more value than any others. Never let anybody get you down because of what you are or like. I promise you, keep going, and never give up.

So, do we have common points? What are your passions in life ? Let us know in the comments section below.

Written by Margaux T.
A 19 year old social media ninja, and Twitter enthusiast. Instagram expert. Student. Have lots of hair and like ugly things. Fangirling over Van Gogh. Shoes and food lover. Words cannot express my love & passion for cats. I’m actually not funny. I’m just really mean and people think I am joking.


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