Once upon a time a passion was born

Beach - Pauline Staub

Once upon a time, in a far away land, a little girl was living with her parents. The day of her 10th birthday arrived. A great party was organized to celebrate the event with all her beloved people.

As a present to their child, the parents offered her a camera. For a ten year old girl it was the most perfect gift ever. As soon as she received it, she ran around the house taking pictures of everything and everyone that she could find. The one thing she liked the most was taking pictures of flowers, any kind of flower just a macro caption of colorful ones with a blurry background. The girl found it really beautiful and kept taking pictures of her world.

Years later, when the girl was old enough to learn more about photography her mom taught her some concepts about it. Her mom had a better camera than her and had been to photography classes when she was younger so she could pass her knowledge to her daughter.

Gator - Pauline Staub

The family especially liked to travel a lot to far away countries. They visited amazing places, and the girl wanted to keep memories of it. Even though she tried to remember parts of her trips, pieces flew away. She had to do something in order to keep every detail of her journey forever and not only in her mind. But the camera she got for her 10th birthday was now useless.

On Christmas day, she received a new professional camera which allowed for higher quality images.

For her next trip she was finally able to take good pictures to remember her travels by when she gets older. Within the time she became more passionate about photography. It was not only a way to remember moments in time, but also a way to share feelings and emotions through the camera’s lens.


Written by Pauline S.
I am an 18-year-old girl from Thonon-les-Bains in Haute-Savoie, near Geneva. I’m part of the International Program at ISEG Marketing & Communication School in Lyon. I choose this program because I love English and I am very interested in working abroad. In fact, I love discovering new countries, new cultures and new people. I am fond of travel. I also like photography especially when I can take pictures of a new place. I hope this program will give me the opportunity to exercise both of my passions.


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