Under water… life is easier!

Swim - Cloe

I’ve always loved this sport and I started practicing it since… whoa… a long time!

At first it was my parents who enrolled me to the municipal swimming pool of my town in order to teach me how to swim. I continued to take classes. The training has intensified through years. First it was a way to spend time with my friends, but then became a passion where I wanted to improve the chronometer every time. During middle school I did some competitions and I really enjoyed the challenge, the excitement when the “tree-two-one-go” resonates. After that, I had to reduce the time spent in the pool for my studies, but nevertheless I continued to go swimming by myself because it was my way to de-stress.

In 2012, my parents surprised me by giving me tickets to go to the London Olympic games to see the swimming competition. It was an amazing moment to see the speed and determination of the competitors to win and seriously, sitting in the bleachers, the only place I wanted to be was in the pool! Afterward, thanks to my uncle we entered the “Maison de France” the place where all the French athletes went after their competition and I could see Alain Bernard or Laure Manaudou for instance and it was so impressive!

This meeting made me think that I shouldn’t give up swimming and no matter my studies or where I am in the world I have to continue swimming for me, for the enjoyment and the cooling down it brings to me!

Here in Lyon we are lucky to find several swimming-pool such as Centre Nautique Tony Bertrand, the swimming pool Garibaldi or also in wellness Centre you can find them (what I actually do!).

Written by Cloé E.

I’m 18, a world-traveler, Starbucks drinker, and party addict!


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