Drop your fork, bring out the chopsticks

  • What do you want to eat today?
  • What do you think about Japanese?
  • Why not! It’s been a long time since I’ve  eaten sushi.
  • Sushi? Are you kidding me?! Okay, let’s get Japanese food and let me tell you, sushi is not the only food in Japan.

I am sure you understood, from the dialogue above, that this post is about [drum rolling] Japanese food! Recently, I discovered a Japanese restaurant in Lyon’s downtown. The restaurant is called Ramen Shop. It’s a little, but charming restaurant with a friendly staff. Even though the workers are obviously not from France, they can speak French, so it makes the communication easier.

Now I know you want me not just to speak about the restaurant, but also about the food. So, here are some pictures of what my friends and I ate at Ramen Shop:

Ramen Shop - Gyoza picture - Schil

In the first picture, you can see gyoza. These are dumplings with meat inside. At first, it is more Chinese than Japanese, but the gyoza are known in most North-East Asian countries. For example, you can also eat gyoza in South-Korea, even though it’s first Chinese.

Ramen Shop - Noodles picture - Schil

In the second one, there are some noodles with meat, peppers, sesame and more.

Ramen Shop - Bouillon picture - Schil

In the last one, it’s a bouillon with Teriyaki chicken, radish, corn, noodles, sesame, and salad.

Just for fun, here  is another picture of gyoza, for you to starve a little more. [evil laugh]

Ramen Shop - Last picture - Schil

Personally, my favorite in this restaurant is gyoza. Feel free to write in the comments section below what dish you prefer. If you like posts about food, check out the other ones in the restaurant section.

Don’t hesitate to go for lunch at Ramen Shop. Hope to see you there!

Writlaetitia-schilten by Laetitia S.
To define myself quickly, I’m an 18-year-old French girl who’s passionate about dancing and traveling. 




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