#PressGo to Snow

For all our readers out there we, WISEGuys, invite you to dive into the deep with us in our first new blog called “THE NEXT ‘Go.'” By “Go,” we mean your next activity, your next stop where all you must do is just — Go. We will be your best guide to drive you to the right paths. We will update you with all the modern activities that you can do at different times of the year in Lyon. But for those who know us well, they’ll know that we don’t do things around here in an ordinary way… do we? So, we don’t aim for a boring informative article; instead, we love to enter the “dangerous zone.” Before we get you all excited for packing up your bags and leaving for your next “Go,” we’ll let you guess what is your next activity in Lyon.

Let’s begin!

  • “I love the moment where it drops over my head and I can feel it when it’s melting. It’s a fuzzy feeling.” -Unknown.
  • “It’s the time where everything turns white and all that pops into my mind is ‘WoW’.” – An old man.
  • “Even though it messes my hair when I have “a good hair day,” I’m still in love with it.” –A teenage girl.

What is your Go#1? It’s SNOW!

Therefore, when we say snow, we say SKI TIME! Snow is what you wait for all day long next to the window, just to watch its harmonized fall.

From where I come from, winter doesn’t mean rain nor snow, but heavy wind and the sun is always a winter companion.

Two years ago, I traveled from Egypt and headed to Lyon just to ski with friends who were studying in Lyon! We had all the ski equipment and all we got to do was just let ourselves go with the flow. At the end of our journey I couldn’t have been more proud of us that we built a snowman. No just kidding, it was an epic fail! It seems like building a snowman is a lot harder than I thought. Despite our glamorous failure, we found another snowman that was already built and we took a picture with it as if we were the ones who built it; and we were also so proud of ourselves.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is that fun and happy memories don’t have to be born within a perfect experience where everything went right and fell right into place. On the contrary my friends, it’s what went wrong that makes your experience even better and more memorable. You’ll also have stories to tell to your grandchildren that will amaze them.

Yet you’re still here and reading this blog, go pack up your bags and grab the people you love and go to the nearest ski station!

And remember, there is always a replay button. #PressGo

magd-husseinWritten by Magd H.
I’m an Egyptian student in France, and no, I don’t look like pharaohs, and I don’t live inside the pyramids. I’m an explorer of life and the human brain. I’ve never understood why people have always associated the word “love” to a heart, which is weird because it’s the brain who “feels” the love. Here’s a useless fact, but one that will amaze you: an octopus has three hearts.


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