Student Profile: Magd Hussein


Nowadays, studying abroad is very common and appreciated by the new generation for multiple reasons such as discovering new people, changing the education system, or for the culture and language. But, some leave their own country for a better future. Magd Hussein is an Egyptian girl who left her country with her twin sister to study in France at ISEG Marketing & Communication School in Lyon.

Why study in France, and not in Egypt? She explains, “I was looking for a way out. My country is an undeveloped country. I didn’t stand a chance to be someone different. People fear what they don’t know, what’s different. I had to run away and find my way back to liberate the inner me. I have a better future here or anywhere else far away from home.”

Confident in her choice for her future, Magd also remains lost as the change is not the easiest thing to do.

“I left everything I’ve ever known and walked away… and always had that question in my mind…What is home? or Where do I belong?,” Magd said.

However, for her, one of the most difficult things is the economic and civil situation in her country. The impossibility to be with her friends and family is one of the hardest things, “It is so sad because they need us and we can’t be there, in this moment I’m feeling bad all I can do is to call them or talk by Facebook and WhatsApp. My unique wish is to be with them and be able to bring my support in good or bad situations.”

Get to know Magd
 I’m an Egyptian student in France, and no, I don’t look like pharos, and I don’t live inside the pyramids. I’m an explorer of life and the human brain. I’ve never understood why people have always associated the word “love” to a heart, which is weird because it’s the brain who “feels” the love. Here’s a useless fact, but one that will amaze you: an octopus has three hearts.

Written by Orelie P.
I’m 18 and I’m French. I’m the master of my fate. I’m the captain of my soul.



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