Christmas in the Maldives


Who has never dreamed to wake up on the 24th of December in the middle of the turquoise water of the Indian Ocean? To go swimming in the lagoon with baby sharks before going to the breakfast buffet under the palm trees? I did it! I’m going to tell you the dreamy holidays I lived. The check list was okay: sunglasses, fins, mask, snorkels, swimsuit… (it was weird to try on your summer clothing in -5 degrees here in France!).


The plane takes off under the snow in Geneva, and after 12 hours of flying with a layover in Dubai we finally arrived in Male, the capital of the Maldives with the temperature of 35 degrees. We took the seaplane to reach « Kuredu Island » the island of our hotel… yes, the entire island is an hotel with all the recreation possible – many swimming pools, bars, restaurant, bungalow, Jacuzzis, golf, tennis, fitness, and stores.… The dream comes true! What could be better than snorkeling in the middle of turtles, manta rays, sharks, and colorful fish, and then come back to the white sand of the beach and take a smoothie to refresh yourself before going under the palm trees to play some golf before taking a little nap next to the overflowing swimming pool? The 25th of December we ate eating sushi, fish, and lobsters, with our bare feet in the sand. Then we hopped aboard a little sailboat and toasted the holidays with drinks in the middle of dolphins and deserted islands.


These holidays will always be the most amazing of my life (for the moment) and remind me a lot of family memories. If I can suggest something to you – try a Maldivian Christmas with your family in the middle of nowhere with sharks, sun and turquoise waters and far from the agitation and the freeze of France!


Written by Cloé E.
I’m 18, a world-traveler, Starbucks drinker, and party addict!


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