Discovering a new part of Lyon

Lyon by boat with a view of Fourvière

Have you ever visited Lyon? If you did, do you think you saw every facet of the city? Well, let me tell you I am pretty sure you only know one out of two aspects of Lyon. “What? Two aspects? What is this about, you should ask?” Most people who have visited Lyon know that it is an average size city, which is a little crowded sometimes. However, there is another facet of Lyon that even the Lyonnais aren’t familiar with. If you just step out a little bit from Lyon’s uptown, on the Saône River is situated a beautiful adventure. So, let’s begin the adventure!

Île Barbe, a small island situated in the middle of the Saône River

On October 2016, I bought tickets with my family to try a boat excursion with Lyon City Boat. To be honest, I wasn’t really excited about the trip because I thought there wouldn’t be much to see. Well, I was completely wrong.

I have lived in Lyon for 18 years and I never imagined to find such a nice and calm place right inside the city I grew up in. For people like me, who don’t miss the opportunity to take great pictures — the boat trip is made for you. I went back home with plenty of good memories and a brand new image of Lyon.

For more information on price, schedules, and itinerary check out this link.


Written by Laetitia S.
To define myself quickly, I’m an 18-year-old French girl who’s passionate about dancing and traveling. 


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