An Irish Touch In Lyon


My friends and I were looking for a funny and cheap restaurant last week and we found a little treasure …Johnny’s Kitchen!

A typical Irish pub in the middle of Vieux Lyon with Irish waiters, Irish customers and Irish meals. It is a little restaurant composed of a big bar and a dining room downstairs. The entire restaurant is well decorated with the Irish spirit. Some old school songs play which are kind of the best songs to sing to and have fun with your friends, especially when “You’re The One That I Want” from Grease plays!

But I’m pretty sure you just want to know about the food, right? Well, as the rest of the restaurant, it was just perfect! Yummy cheeseburgers, and excellent potatoes are served to please your taste! For me, the real treasure of this restaurant is definitely the “Student Special.” It is actually a student menu composed of  salmon, potatoes and a pint for only 8€! What a good deal right? Now, you just have to end your dinner with a 4.50€ dessert (the banoffee pie is just on fire!)


So you just have to pick a day, reserve a table if you have a big squad, and enjoy your Irish time in Lyon!

Johnny’s Kitchen, 48 Rue Saint-Georges 69005 Lyon, 04 78 37 94 13


Written by Marine M.
I’m an 18 year-old communication and marketing student who is in love with music, art, food and good times with my friends.

*Photos by Take Eat Easy and Johnny’s Cafe

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